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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following conditions carefully as they govern our provision of services to you.


In these Conditions, “we”, “us” or “our” means X2Board Trading and/or X2Board Automotive Limited which encompasses our website and all other platforms including mobile, tablet and applications owned or operated by us.

These conditions will apply to any advertisements placed, renewed or amended until that advertisement expires, is amended or renewed.





1. Visitor

A person browsing the website of X2Board Auto Showroom (

2. Prospecting buyer

Person expressing a buying interest in a vehicle.

3. Ad Buyer

Person purchasing single or multiple Listings on the X2Board Showroom.

4. Classic Listing

One ad of one vehicle’s information, price, seller information and media for public display on X2Board platforms.

5. Independent Seller

Refers to a person who is applying to enlist a vehicle to be advertised for sale.

6. Classic Listing

Advertisement listing of a single vehicle by a private party.


7. X2Board Valet 

Service offered by X2Board which provides management of vehicle sales.

Our Agreement with You


  1. These conditions apply to any advertisement for the sale of a vehicle that is placed on X2Board, paid for by a private advertiser. Together with any other terms posted by X2Board, these conditions set out the terms with which we enter into a contract with you to provide access to our platform and services.

  2. By placing an ad with us, you are considered as having read and accepted the Terms and Conditions set out in this document.

  3. Each request from you to place an ad on our platform(s) will create a new, separate, severable contract between you and us, subject to these Terms and Conditions.


Use of X2Board Services


  1. Use of advertising services from X2Board require you to create an account with us. It is your responsibility to keep the username and password secure. Unless caused by our negligence, X2Board will not be held liable if a third-party gains unauthorized access to your account.

  2. Ads/Listings may appear on all our available platforms including public social media pages and profiles.

  3. When your ad is ready to be published, and invoice has been paid, a confirmation email will be sent to you prior to going live on X2Board’s website.

  4. If your ad has been rejected from publication, we will attempt to contact you to explain why the rejection occurred. In these circumstances, no charges would be incurred by you.

  5. No contract would be regarded to exist between parties unless a confirmation email has been sent.



Classic Listing Terms



A Classic Listing is regarded as a publication on X2Board’s website of a single vehicle’s details, sale price, accompanying media, seller’s name and contact information. The buyer of a Classic Listing acts as an independent seller of the vehicle.



Ad Contents

  1. Each ad listing may only feature one vehicle.

  2. X2Board reserves the sole discretion of media which may be used in the ad listing.

  3. Unless otherwise agreed to by us, the Ad Buyer (you) is fully responsible for providing media of the vehicle.

Period of Listing

  1. Your ad would be advertised for a period of three months. At the end of each period, you will be entitled to continuously rebook for a further three months, at no additional cost. You will be able to continue rebooking until the vehicle is sold or there is a break of more than one month.

  2. You may be contacted by us to check on the status of the sale at the end of the three-month period. If we do not hear from you and you do not update your listing period to avoid it expiring, we will assume that you do not wish to continue advertising the vehicle with us and the listing will be deleted. This will be considered as a break in advertising which will cause you to lose your ability to rebook the listing for free. If you wish to advertise the vehicle again, it will be considered as a new listing with an entirely new agreement.

  3. Upon sale of the vehicle, your listing would be deleted.

Fees and Payments

  1. Prices of goods and services offered by X2Board will vary based on the type of good and service. Where VAT is applicable, VAT is included in all advertised prices.

  2. We have the right to alter our rates of goods and services at any time, for any reason.

  3. Any revised rates will only be applicable to services sold after the date of publication.

  4. All listings must be paid for prior to publication.

  5. Payment will be facilitated only through X2Board and their authorized representatives.


Full refunds will only be facilitated within 24 hours of ad publication. Beyond this period, a $30 administration fee plus one dollar for each day of live publication would be deducted from the total refund amount.

Ad Performance

Ad Performance is dependent on many factors such as market demands, selling price, vehicle condition, quality of photos, quality of information provided and more, which are beyond the control of X2Board. For these reasons, X2Board does not make any guarantees regarding the performance of any listings.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. In respect of any materials which you supply to us ("Materials"), you grant us a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual and royalty free licence to use such Materials for any purpose. You confirm that neither you nor any other person will assert any moral rights in or relating to the Materials referred to above against us or any third party.

  2. You agree that all intellectual property rights (including, without limitation, copyright, trademarks, database rights and design rights (whether registered or not)) in any copy, text, artwork, photographs, videos or other materials which we have created and/or in any way altered for you in connection with the advert shall belong to us absolutely.

Our Right to Terminate the Contract


We shall be entitled to terminate the contract with you and remove an advert at any time. We will provide you with notice of the removal of your advert.


We may immediately suspend or terminate the contract and remove an advert where:

  1. You breach a term of these Conditions.

  2. You breach any of the provisions set out in this document.

  3. We reasonably suspect that you are not complying with the provisions.

  4. You place an advert for one vehicle and then modify adverts details to sell multiple vehicles.

  5. You are a trade seller masquerading as a private seller.

  6. If in our reasonable opinion, we have reason to believe that you have been abusive to our staff, or we receive a complaint from a third party regarding your conduct in the sale of an advertised vehicle; and/ or

  7. Any competent law enforcement or compliance authority instructs, advises, or makes a recommendation to us to take down any of your adverts and/or suspend the delivery of services to you.

  8. If we remove an advert in accordance with Conditions d-g above, you will not be entitled to any refund for the advert in question.

Obligations of the Independent Seller

The Independent Seller (“Seller”) agrees to responsibility for the following:

  1. The Seller warrants that all details and media are true and accurate relative to the specific vehicle being advertised.

  2. The Seller warrants that they are the true owner of the Vehicle or has full authority of the owner to advertise the vehicle for sale.

  3. The Seller warrants that the Vehicle has not been stolen, improperly appropriated and no other circumstances exist which may reasonably affect the Seller’s good title of the vehicle.

  4. All service history, lack thereof and accidents are disclosed in listing information.

  5. The Seller will not deliberately obscure, fail to disclose or hide faults of the vehicle which they are reasonably aware of.

  6. The Seller will supply photos and other acceptable media for listings which meet or exceed the standards set out by X2Board.

  7. The Seller is not liable for subsequent faults, normal wear and tear or defects unless those defects were deliberately hidden.

  8. The Seller provides no Guarantees.

Listing Media Standards


The Ad Buyer is responsible, at the outset, for providing high-quality images of any vehicle being sold. Listings may feature up to 15 images and videos in total.


Listing Media must comply with the following standards:

  1. Only show the vehicle being listed for sale.

  2. Show all angles of the vehicle exterior and the main areas of the vehicle interior.

  3. Unless in the case of a specialty vehicle or demonstration of specialty features, macro photos should be avoided.

  4. Not contain any defamatory or derogatory messaging of any person, group or organization.

  5. Not contain profanity, obscene content, offensive, threatening, abusive, hateful, racist, anti-religious or sexually graphic messaging.

  6. Not demonstrate or promote violence.

  7. Not disclose any personal information of any individual.

  8. Not impersonate or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person, group or organization.

  9. Not contain text or audio irrelevant to the vehicle being advertised.

  10. Not contain external internet redirects.

  11. Not contain any spam.

Still Images of Vehicles

Still photos must show the following angles and features of the vehicles:

  1. Front

  2. Left

  3. Rear

  4. Right

  5. Interior Dashboard

  6. Front Seats

  7. Rear Seats

  8. Trunk

  9. Engine bay


Videos of the vehicle should only be used if they demonstrate one or more of the following:

  1. Unique features

  2. Driving dynamics

  3. Clear (Full HD) 360-degree guided tours

Your Right to Cancel


  1. By submitting your advert for publication, you acknowledge that your right to cancel the contract at no cost to you will be lost.​

  2. An advert can be cancelled at any time by you, for example to avoid unwanted responses but no refunds will be given unless you cancel due to our breach of the contract.

  3. You must include notification of X2Board Administration via email to

Our Rights and Obligations


  1. X2Board reserves the right to refuse sale or terminate service at any time, providing fair compensation where necessary.

  2. X2Board reserves the right to display or remove from display any ad listing at its sole discretion.

  3. We shall provide the advertising service with reasonable care and skill in a professional and timely manner.

  4. From time to time, we will need to undertake maintenance of our systems. In doing so, we shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that in so doing, minimum disruption to your ad is caused.

  5. We will endeavor to rectify all errors and faults on X2Board as soon as possible.

  6. We do not monitor or control and shall not be responsible for the content of your advert which you agree is your sole responsibility. Accordingly, you shall be responsible for any losses, expenses or other costs incurred by us caused by an untrue statement or inaccurate or unlawful content.

  7. We reserve the right to refuse to publish any ad without reason and to classify, edit and delete an ad at our sole discretion so as to comply with legal or moral obligations placed on you or us; respond to any complaints; correct typographical errors or technical inaccuracies that may appear from time to time; and for any other technical and/ or quality reasons. Where possible, we will attempt to contact you to inform you of these changes prior to publication and/or edit.





  1. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial of service attack, viruses, malicious or impairing computer programs or other technologically harmful material that may affect X2Board, your advert and/ or may infect your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to your use of our platform(s) or your downloading of any material posted on it or on any website linked to it.​

  2. We cannot guarantee that by placing an advert on X2Board, you will sell the vehicle in question, and we do not commit to finding a buyer for you. Our role is solely to provide a platform on which you can advertise your vehicle for sale.

  3. If, as a result of placing an advert, you are successful in selling your vehicle, X2Board will not be connected in any way to that sale and will not be liable or responsible under any contract for the sale of your vehicle which you might enter into with a third party.

  4. You agree that any questions and complaints regarding a vehicle advertised in your advert will be your responsibility only and that we do not have any liability in this regard.

  5. In the event of any error or omission in an advert, we may at our sole discretion either amend the relevant part of the advert or refund or adjust the charges. No refund, amendment or adjustment to the charges will be made where in our sole opinion, the error or omission does not materially detract from the advert or where it arises as a result of incorrect or inadequate information provided by you.

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