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Bosch S4 Mega Power NS60

Bosch S4 Mega Power NS60


Bosch Mega Power NS60 65B24 S4 Mega Power is the powerhouse for recent and upmarket vehicles with multiple electronic consumables.



  • Long service life
  • High resistance to environmental conditions
  • Optimal performance through high density crystalline structure
  • Completely sealed and maintenance-free design
  • Bosch Mega Power meets the energy demands of a wide range of automotive applications ranging from compact to commercial vehicles.


    • Long service life with minimum water loss
    • Expanded grid technology delivers optimal power for add-on convenience features
    • Enhanced safety with labyrinth lid design and flame arrestor
    • Ensures reliable power supply to keep electrical devices working properly at all times
    • Mid-range option which fulfills increased power demands in most vehicles today

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