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Bosch Deep-cycle Marine 27

Bosch Deep-cycle Marine 27


Bosch Deep-cycle Marine DCM27 marine batteries are carefully engineered to provide the optimum balance between starting and deep cycling duties.

They are also thoroughly insulated to protect against the high frequency vibrations created by rough sea conditions.


DCM is designed for heavy duty cycling to have enough cranking amperage for starting and sufficient reserve power to keep the electrical accessories running. 25% longer life for 50% discharge.


Image shown is DCM31; DCM27 and DCM31 are identical in design.


Source: Bosch.

  • Case Size DC27
    Polarity Left/Right
    Voltage 12
    Cranking Amps @ 30° C 1000
    Capacity (Ah) 80
    Reserve Capacity (mins) 145
    Length (mm) 320
    Width (mm) 172
    Height (mm) 229
    Plate 16 Flat
    Warranty 12-18 months
    Weight (lbs) ~60
  • This Bosch Deep-cycle/Marine battery is supported by:

    • 18 Months Full-replacement for Diesel, Industrial or Commercial applications
    • 12 Months Full-replacement for Marine/Music

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