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Bosch Hightec N55 (NS60)

Bosch Hightec N55 (NS60)


The Bosch Hightec EFBN55 70B24L  (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is made for Start-Stop vehicles, providing increased cyclic stability, enabling faster recovery from deep discharges.


In a Start-Stop vehicle, the EFB maintains power supply to the electrical devices when the engine shuts off, and is able to restart in a fraction of a second.



    Source: Bosch

    • Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are built for higher performance and reliability than standard flooded batteries. They are designed to support standard Start-Stop engines, which put greater demands on the battery.


      Features and Benefits:

      • Enhance Flooded Battery (EFB) are built for high performance and reliability, even under extreme conditions.
      • High-density active material and optimized particle size ensures extra-long service life.
      • Optimised negative grid alloy retards corrosion and prolongs battery life during high depth of discharge cycling.
      • Extended cycle life compared with conventional battery.
      • Better deep cycling property to allow cranking with lower state of charge.
      • Higher charge acceptance for lesser charging opportunities.
      • Higher thermal stability for use in engine compartment and hot climate regions.


      Even for non Start-Stop vehicles, the EFB can also be fitted to enhance starting performance and meet the ever increasing electrical demands of modern vehicles.

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