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Bosch ST Hightec LN4

Bosch ST Hightec LN4


Bosch Hightec AGM LN4 battery was developed to provide sufficient power for frequent starts and stops.


Its dynamic recharging capability and up to 4x discharge/charge cycles compared to conventional starter batteries, hence meeting the toughest requirements.



    • Double lid with labyrinth construction prevents water loss
    • High vibration resistance
    • High cranking performance
    • 100% leakage-proof
    • Higher charging and discharging performance


    Source: Bosch

    • This is a must for Start-Stop systems with brake energy recuperation, but also for vehicles with a high number of electrical convenience functions.


      Bosch ST Hightec AGM major features:

      • 100% sealed and leak-proof;
      • High vibration resistance;
      • High starting performance;
      • 3 times greater cyclic endurance;
      • High cranking performance even in partial charge state;
      • Excellent charge acceptance and cold starting power;
      • Recyclable shockproof housing;
      • Supports start stop system designed to reduce fuel consumption;
      • Longer service life due to unique built-in features including double lid to prevent water loss, high vibration resistance, and a highly durable polypropylene case.

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