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Energiser Lithium CR2032

Energiser Lithium CR2032


The Energizer Lithium CR2032 is commonly used in automotive  keyless entry remotes, as well as  glucose monitors and heart-rate monitors.



  • The World’s #1 Longest Lasting 2032 Battery!
  • Holds power for up to 10 years in storage
  • Used in heart-rate monitors, keyless entry, glucose monitors, toys & games
  • Holds power for 8 years in storage
  • Performs in extreme temperatures (-22 to 140 F)
  • Child Resistant Packaging
  • Cell size: 2032
  • IEC: CR2032
  • Type: Lithium Coin
  • Volt: 3
  • Replacement for: 5004LC, BR2032, DL2032, ECR2032, ST-T15

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