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Bosch Hightec AMS-23

Bosch Hightec AMS-23


Bosch Hightec AMS-23 100D23L 12-Volt battery offers high charge acceptance and enhanced durability to withstand frequent charge and discharge cycles.


Features include:

  • High charge acceptance
  • Enhanced durability
  • Frequent charge and discharge cycling
  • Case Size 23
    Polarity Left/Right
    Voltage 12
    Cranking Amps 950
    Capacity (Ah) 70
    Length (mm) 232
    Width (mm) 274
    Height (mm) 225
    Plates 13
    BCI Reference 100D23L
  • This Bosch Hightec AMS 23 battery is supported by 24 Months Full-replacement + 12 months pro-rated for Gasoline-engine applications.

    The following requirements must be met to maintain warranty:

    •  Charging voltage must be between 13.5 Volts and 14.5 Volts.
    •  Battery must be securely clamped down in the battery bay.
    •  Battery must be appropriately sized based on power and dimensions, as guided by vehicle manufacturer or battery manufacturer or distributor.
    •  Vehicle charging performance must be tested by approved personnel every four (4) months.

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