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BrightWay 8A8D Solar

BrightWay 8A8D Solar


The BrightWay 8A8D AGM 250AH 12-Volt battery is a must-have for your energy storage needs!


This battery is your reliable, economical and sustainable high-capacity energy-storage solution, ideal for solar-power generation systems or other applications where large capacity in a safe form-factor is critical.


  • Sealed Maintenance-free design
  • AGM Technology (Absorbent Glass Mat construction)
  • 250 AmpHour High Capacity
  • IT Terminal Design
  • Leak-proof & Spill-proof design
  • Meets & Exceeds OEM SLA Specifications
  • Brand new & Factory Fresh 


* Ah is listed at the 20hr Rate (C/20)

  • We supply only brand new, factory fresh, high-quality batteries that meet or exceed OEM sealed lead acid battery specifications, guaranteeing top-notch performance and durability.

    What sets the BrightWay 12VDC 250Ah SLA Battery apart is its use of AGM technology. The porous glass mat separators play a key role in this battery's performance by effectively absorbing and trapping the electrolyte (battery acid), enhancing safety and increasing efficiency.

    When you choose this battery, you receive a fully charged product that is ready to go right out of the box. No need to wait for initial charging. Simply install and start benefiting from its reliable energy storage capabilities.

    Invest in our 12VDC 250Ah SLA Battery and enjoy the advantages of a maintenance-free, high-performance battery. Its wide range of applications, long service life, and exceptional safety features make it an ideal choice for all your energy storage needs.

    Take a step towards uninterrupted power supply and request a quote for your BrightAay 12VDC 250Ah SLA Batteries today!


    * Ah is listed at the 20hr Rate (C/20)

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