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Varta Black NS70-L

Varta Black NS70-L


The Varta Black NS70  battery is a trustworthy and maintenance-free choice that offers good value for money!

This battery possesses the latest battery technology and the same expected long-term performance.



  • Engineered to the highest German standards
  • Patented PowerFrame® grid for reliable starting power, fast recharge and corrosion resistance.
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Recyclable and produced in an energy-saving way



Choose VARTA® Black Dynamic, a brand that stands for the latest technology, innovation and trust.


  • Case Size NS70
    Polarity Left
    Voltage 12
    Cranking Amps 700
    Capacity (Ah) 56
    Length 26 cm
    Width 17 cm
    Height 20 cm
    Height + Terminals 22.5 cm

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